The Hunt for 1875: Plate #2

I have seen the Compton and Dry pictorial St. Louis used for a variety of historical purposes, but I have yet to see a full comparison of the pictorial St. Louis in 1875 with what remains today. Each day a new plate will appear in the order of their appearance in the Compton and Dry map, followed by an edited version in which the remaining buildings (as far as I can tell) are highlighted in blue. All images are from the Library of Congress downloadable map.

Plate index:
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Surviving buildings from Plate #2:
• Eads Bridge
• 719 N. 1st (commercial; Peper Building)
• 720-722 N. 1st (commercial; First Street Ironworks; the current building may not be the structure seen in Plate #2)

Plate #2:
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Remaining buildings from Plate #2:
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Matt M. said...

Raeder Place was completed in 1874 at First and Morgan. I believe I see it on this map.

... said...

Updated to show the building. The city property database lists it much newer than it is.