The Hunt for 1875: Plate #12

I have seen the Compton and Dry pictorial St. Louis used for a variety of historical purposes, but I have yet to see a full comparison of the pictorial St. Louis in 1875 with what remains today. Each day a new plate will appear in the order of their appearance in the Compton and Dry map, followed by an edited version in which the remaining buildings (as far as I can tell) are highlighted in blue. All images are from the Library of Congress downloadable map.

Plate index:
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Surviving buildings from Plate #12:
• 3707 Marine (residential)
• 3719 Marine (residential)
• 3757 Marine (residential)
• 3738 Kosciusko (residential)
• 3741 Kosciusko (residential)
• 3748 Kosciusko (residential)
• 3759 Kosciusko (residential)
• 3806 Kosciusko (residential)
• 3810 Kosciusko (residential)
• 3815 Kosciusko (residential)
• 3825 Kosciusko (residential)

Plate #12:
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Remaining buildings from Plate #12:
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Anonymous said...

The small flounder house set back from Kosciusko is still standing as well. It is bordered by Winnebago now as well as an alley. My home is next to 3806 Kosciusko, represented in this image by some trees.

... said...

Thanks! I'll update to reflect that.