Barnes Hospital, 1940

From a Paul Monroe Co. postcard is this view of Barnes Hospital at Euclid Avenue and (what I presume was) Clayton Road (now Barnes Hospital Plaza). The two buildings on the right remain, but the buildings to the left were demolished for Queeny Tower and the hospital expansions in the 1960s.

For a similar view but with Queeny Tower already in place, click for a photograph.


miguel2586 said...

The street in the foreground was Kingshighway. It originally ran on what's now Barnes Hospital Plaza and south on Euclid until the "dogleg" was straightened in the late 1940s during the construction of Highway 40.

Unknown said...

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Jim said...

I believe all of the buildings pictured are still in place, but mostly hidden or built upon. The towering facade along old Kingshighway, which are called the West and East Pavilions (although they look like one long building). It was built in front of and over some parts of the main hospital building in the photo. The taller building to the far left is actually just an earlier addition to the older main building. It is still there, and named Rand Johnson (International Shoe family). Just past that building, where Queeny Tower now sits, was the School of Nursing. It was the same architectural style as the hospital itself. The West and East Pavilions were built over the front yard, parking lost, and parts of street, that’s why they stick out past the two buildings on the right (two separate hospitals that are now part of the the School of Medicine).