72 Vandeventer Place, 1899

From the Catalogue of the Annual Exhibition of the Saint Louis Architectural Club (1899). This photograph is a record of the richly decorated home of Dexter Pardon Tiffany, Sr., a St. Louis lawyer. The home, a splendid mixture of Romanesque, Tudor, and other styles, was designed by Grable, Weber and Groves. Tiffany came from a wealthy St. Louis family; his father was a real estate investor who committed suicide in 1861 after complaining about the bad economy in St. Louis resulting from the Civil War (leaving a $1,000,000 estate to his widow, and subsequently Tiffany).

Tiffany graduated from Harvard in 1868 and Harvard Law in 1870, marrying that year and taking up residence in Vandeventer sometime after. His two sons were also quite successful - one serving in the Spanish-American War as a naval officer, the other becoming an executive for Anheuser-Busch and living at 14 Lenox Place in his later years. Tiffany held a government position during World War One, but died shortly afterward in 1921 in Boston.


72 Vandeventer was demolished some time in the late 1950s.

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