7 Vandeventer Place

This image of the Charles Henry Peck house is of unknown origin. It depicts 7 Vandeventer Place, a lovely Second Empire located on the north side of Vandeventer Place with its east boundary at Grand Avenue. 7 Vandeventer Place was built in 1872 for Charles Henry Peck, a capitalist in the sash, woodwork and door business. Peck was a charter trustee of Vandeventer Place, retired in 1875, and upon his death in 1899, he willed the home to his son Stephen, a real estate investor, who was not only a Presbyterian but also a Democrat (according to the Book of St. Louisans, 1906). More importantly, upon Charles Henry Peck's death, the trust governing Vandeventer Place dissolved.

By 1911, Stephen had passed away, and the only living son of Charles dwelled in Westminster Place, far away from the hustle, bustle, and hoopla of Vandeventer Place. The mansion passed to other hands (specifically, the hands of Max Mueller Bryant and his family, who were entangled legally in some ways). The mansion itself passed away sometime in the 1940s.

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