51 Vandeventer Place, 1899

From the Catalogue of the Annual Exhibition of the Saint Louis Architectural Club (1899). Here is the first mansion of John D. Davis, patriarch of the St. Louis Davis family (and father of John T. Davis, builder of 17 Westmoreland Place). John D. Davis had the home at 51 Vandeventer designed by the renowned Henry Hobson Richardson (it being only one of three residences Richardson actually designed for St. Louis). Richardson's penchant for massing along the lower level is apparent in this design. This particular Richardson met its end in 1958 with the city's plan for the juvenile detention center now occupying the block.

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Linda Minor said...

John D. Davis was not the father of John Tilden Davis. John T. Davis' father was Samuel C. Davis. John D. had only one son, John Lionberger Davis.

Unknown said...

Architects are Shepley, Rutan, Coolidge, successors to H. H. Richardson, but this house should not be attributed to Richardson. His St.Louis commissions were all for the Lionberger family, three homes and a warehouse.