National Plumbing Supply Company, 1908

From Building Laws of the City of St. Louis by the J.T. McAnulty publishers (1908). A wonderful sketch of the National Plumbing Supply Company on 12th Street shows the competing modes of transport in early 20th century St. Louis. The National Plumbing Supply Company provided high grade plumbing appliances and "complete bath-room outfits" in their showrooms at 110 S. 12th Street. Opposite City Hall, the building's lower levels were shipping and offices, while the upper levels were reserved for warehousing. Their neighbor to the north (left, in the image) was M. Kahn's glass company, seen with its smoking stacks and numerable windows. Mr. Kahn's building and the National Plumbing Supply Company building have been replaced by a more modern but less inviting municipal office building.


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