Homes on Westminster, Pershing and Flora, 1908

From Building Laws of the City of St. Louis by the J.T. McAnulty publishers (1908). This splendid advertisement from the building codes handbook of St. Louis shows three mansion homes upon which the Chamberlin Metal Weather-Strip Company worked. The home at 4312 Westminster and at 4925 Pershing (nee Berlin) are extant; however, 3563 Flora Boulevard seems to have been lost to the mists of time. It was built after 1903 (shown as an empty lot on a Sanborn fire map) but it is not listed among the current Property Assessor's records. A pretty shame, since it seems the most delightful of the three. It is possible, however, that the advertiser simply misnumbered his home, in which case one can hope 3563 Flora remains.

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