4510 Lindell Boulevard, 1902

From "Palaces of St. Louis," National Magazine (Volume 17, October 1902). The home of Mr. William F. Nolker at 4510 Lindell Boulevard was listed as "A Rhine Inspiration on Lindell Boulevard" according to Mr. Hoch; it currently serves as the home for the archbishop of St. Louis. Nolker built the home in 1891, died in 1906, and the home was sold to a new family in 1917. Shortly after buying the home, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Walsh created -- wait for it -- the cocktail party. Mrs. Walsh hired a professional drink mixer to provide cocktails in the backyard and lower levels to entertain her and some 50 guests before dinner. Yet, however socially successful the Walsh family might have been, they eventually sold the mansion to none other than the archdiocese in 1923. It has served since then in the capacity as the home of the archbishop of St. Louis, and even played host to Pope John Paul II in 1999.

For more information, see http://www.westendword.com/NC/0/1241.html

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Mrs. Splapthing said...

I'm not sure why all the real estate websites (Trulia, etc.) list this house as being built in 1922. How likely is it that they built it in 1902, then someone took the entire house down, and then put it back up exactly identically, stone for stone, in 1922? Trying to make sense of this.