1 Westmoreland Place, 1902

From "Palaces of St. Louis," National Magazine (Volume 17, October 1902). The above photograph is of 1 Westmoreland Place, with the caption of "An Italian Palace; the residence of Mr. J.C. Van Blarcom, 1 Westmoreland Place". Other homes in subsequent posts rely on the following information: A certain Mr. Edmund Hoch with photography by Mr. George Stark produced a fabulous trove of information about the residential masterpieces of early 20th century St. Louis. As Mr. Hoch explained, "St. Louis has, as stated, palaces -- palaces of a kind that would enrich and beautify the world -- palaces with palace grounds and palace surroundings -- the like of which, in number and richness and beauty of setting, the country outside St. Louis has little idea of." Although not every home was identified with its address, I have attempted to track down those which were not listed. Each home in the article included its owner, which often assists in finding the location.

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sapphirefinch said...

It was so great to run across your article. Thank you for posting. I lived in this beautiful mansion from 1960 to 1975. Great memories!