Mullanphy Park, 1907

From A City Plan for St. Louis (1907). The two photographs depict dozens, if not hundreds, of children playing at the Mullanphy Park Playground and Garden, then being leased by the city from the Mullanphy family. Later purchased by the city for a public park, it no longer seems quite as vibrant, but soon might in light of recent developments in the area. The park is extant at 10th and Mullanphy in Old North St. Louis.


Old North St. Louis Restoration Group said...

Although it still looks like a park, the land is now privately owned by Noble Development LLC, one of the holding companies affiliated with McEagle Properties, which is pursuing the NorthSide development plan.

... said...

The explains the ratty nature of the park today; the tumbledown appearance made me wonder whether the city actually cared for the place any longer. Now it's entirely clear why it looks the way it does, courtesy of Mr. Paul McKee.