1 Westmoreland Place, 1902

From "Palaces of St. Louis," National Magazine (Volume 17, October 1902). The above photograph is of 1 Westmoreland Place, with the caption of "An Italian Palace; the residence of Mr. J.C. Van Blarcom, 1 Westmoreland Place". Other homes in subsequent posts rely on the following information: A certain Mr. Edmund Hoch with photography by Mr. George Stark produced a fabulous trove of information about the residential masterpieces of early 20th century St. Louis. As Mr. Hoch explained, "St. Louis has, as stated, palaces -- palaces of a kind that would enrich and beautify the world -- palaces with palace grounds and palace surroundings -- the like of which, in number and richness and beauty of setting, the country outside St. Louis has little idea of." Although not every home was identified with its address, I have attempted to track down those which were not listed. Each home in the article included its owner, which often assists in finding the location.


sapphirefinch said...

It was so great to run across your article. Thank you for posting. I lived in this beautiful mansion from 1960 to 1975. Great memories!

Unknown said...

My grate uncle Lawrence G Harrison lived in the carnage house on the corner of Lyndale and Kingshighway he was chauffeur and my great aunt where the owners personal maid I’m 62 years old now last time I was there to see them was in 1963 my cousin had past away in and cave in a water service plumber job six Months Laser my uncle passed away I have grate memories of being a kid playing on the front lawn