Washington Hotel, 1905

From an eBay listing is this postcard of the Washington Hotel (Apartments), designed by Eames and Young and built in 1902 at the northeast corner of Kingshighway and Washington Place. In its original form, it was a full service hotel (no kitchens in the rooms), but it is considered a forerunner of the luxury apartment buildings that soon dotted the Central West End skyline. It still stands, but its apartments now feature kitchens, among other amenities.

Forest Park Band Pagoda, 1910

From eBay listings are these postcards of the original Forest Park bandstand in Pagoda Circle near the Municipal Theater. The bandstand was built in 1876, but in 1911 (around the time of these postcards) it was closed. The next year, it was damaged by a storm and caught fire, and the remnants were demolished. The current pagoda is known as the Nathan Frank Bandstand, after funds for its construction were donated in 1925 by Nathan Frank, a former U.S. House representative of the Missouri 9th district and St. Louis lawyer.