Speedwa School Annex, 1923

From an eBay listing for a postcard is this image of the former Speedwa School Annex building at Hebert and Grand Avenues. The original Speedwa School (a stenography school) still stands at Sullivan and Grand (one block south), but this building, a simpler and more utilitarian breed, was demolished in July 2009. Depicted above with a general store/grocer in the bottom floor, it appears from wall signage that the building continued in that use for some time.

From the Geo St. Louis city site is this photograph (circa 2007). Prior to its demolition, it had been a vacant brick building for at least 20 years. It is now a vacant gravel lot.


Michael R. Allen said...

Thank you for posting the postcard of the Speedwa annex. I've never seen that before. Although the building was devoid of figural or floral ornament, what ornament it did have was made of an early type of cast stone (aka concrete).

Sara said...

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meade said...

Great stuff! I was trying to get some info what this structure
located at Bissel and Blair Streets. I guess its a clock tower.