Hotel Jefferson, ca. 1920

From two eBay listings are these postcard images of the Hotel Jefferson (since renamed the Jefferson Arms Apartments), located at 415 N. Tucker Boulevard and built in 1904. The hotel played host to President Woodrow Wilson and President Harry Truman, and it was the location of meetings and the hotel for dignitaries at the 1916 Democratic National Convention. Although the building still stands, according to news reports the interior of the building deteriorated after its conversion to senior apartments in the 1960s. It was purchased by the Pyramid Company in July 2006, which evicted the building's more than 500 apartment-dwellers. Redevelopment into condominiums failed with Pyramid in 2008, and the Jefferson remains vacant.

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Kelly Hall said...

Does anyone have the history why apartment resident Mabel Johnson was allowed to live in the hotel until death? It was even written into the contract when Hilton and the Sheraton purchased the property. Mabel Johnson died in Pulaski CO MO 1966.