Cerre House, ca. 1785

From A History of Missouri from the Earliest Explorations and Settlements until the Admission of the State into the Union by Louis Houck (1908). This is a sketch of the house of Jean Gabriel Cerre, a merchant who immigrated to St. Louis in about 1781. Cerre took up residence in a home built about 1770, which measured 60 by 30 feet. Cerre became among the richest men in the area; his daughter, Marie Cerre, married Auguste Chouteau in 1786, uniting two of St. Louis' most powerful families. The Cerre House originally was located on a block bounded by St. Charles and Locust on the north and south and 1st and the river on the west and east. Also on the site (nearer the river than the Cerre House) were a series of slave quarters. Currently located at the site of the Cerre House is the St. Louis Gateway Arch parking garage.

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