St. Louis Insane Asylum, 1878

From A Tour of St. Louis by J.A. Dacus and James Buel (1878). In another fine print, Dacus and Buel show off the St. Louis Insane Asylum, which provides "amply and elegantly for the accomodation and care of this unfortunate class of her population, a large proportion of whom have foisted as a charge upon the resources of the city by dishonorable country officials." The St. Louis Insane Asylum was built in 1869, and it remains in use as a state-run care facility. Built St. Louis has a great series of photographs and more information on the structure [here].

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Patrick Nelson said...

Hello. This is a wonderful drawing. Great find. I am writing a novel set in 1880 and a few pivotal scenes take place here. This is the first pictue I have seen that gives a close look and feel as to the architecture. Do you know if there are any resources which may describe the inside? Thanks.